Signature Mixed Berry Cotton Sponge
For lovers of the light and fruity.

Vanilla Cotton Sponge
A classic for those who love the simple things in life.

Chocolate Mudcake
A dense mudcake with rich chocolate ganache, the perfect indulgence

Snickers Mudcake
Layers of rich chocolate mudcake layered with peanut buttercream, gooey ganache and snickers pieces.

White Chocolate and Raspberry 
The best of both worlds.

Lychee Rose
Light, fruity lychee sponge iced with fresh rosewater buttercream and lychee pieces

Green tea infused sponge with light vanilla bean buttercream

Milk Tea
Vanilla sponge soaked in a milk tea syrup, iced with fresh vanilla bean buttercream

Vegan + Gluten Free Options*

Vegan Chocolate Mudcake
With the option of vegan ganache

Gluten Free Chocolate Mudcake
Decadent, versatile and a guaranteed crowd pleaser

Gluten Free White Chocolate Mudcake
Liven things up with your favourite jams or jellies, salted caramel or strawberries and creme. Have any special requests? don’t hesitate to ask!

Vegan White Chocolate and Raspberry Mudcake
Rich white chocolate mud with fresh raspberry pieces, iced your choice of fresh vegan buttercream or whipped coconut cream

*Additional surcharge may apply to vegan and gluten free flavours
** While we take the highest safety and cross contamination precautions when creating our gluten free cakes, they are prepared using the same equipment as non-gluten free cakes and therefore are not guaranteed to be 100% Gluten free